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21-Day Community Rejuvenation Program


This experience opened my eyes toward food and cooking in a new way. There is no turning back! ~ J. Vaughn, Fredericksburg, VA

Liz was genuine and resourceful with her sessions and responsive to email support. She treated us as peers and shared an authoritative role in planning. The Community Rejuvenation Experience empowered me to take responsibility for my diet and allowed me the means to focus on self- improvement through good health. I have lost five pounds of flab, have been sleeping better and pay more attention to my food. ~ Gabe Pons, Fredericksburg, VA

I enjoyed the education and food demo most and also the support of the other members. I didn’t have stomach upset and bloating and I slept better. ~ Participant

While I have done cleanses before, this took it to another level and was life changing! Thanks Liz, I really appreciate it. ~ Michelle McKamy

Liz your knowledge was extensive and confidence building! ~ Anonymous