Liz'z Creative Juices

Liz'z Creative Juices is a vibrant, fresh juice bar, vegetarian cafe and nutrition spot created by Elizabeth Howard or Liz. Liz was involved in the raw foods movement with many colorful and prominent people for more for than 6 ½ years when she lived on the west coast. This opportunity opened her up and shaped her broad whole foods expertise and view points providing her with the energetic understanding and skills as a nutritional chef in the raw foods movement. Specializing in detoxification and digestive wellness after years of study, Liz’z unique spot offers a delicious vegetarian walk-in menu with added detox “juice packages,” quarts of juice, raw food and juice bundles, events, and other happenings that educate and provide healing to the community. As proclaimed, Liz’z Creative Juices offers "A fusion of whole foods and healing art" and our philosophy about health and nutrition is broad, providing food that is vegetarian but wisdom that is beyond and broadly inclusive. Please join us at the café!

Liz'z Creative Juices Food Options

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