Our Juicing Program

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The "Slow-Press" Method

Here at Liz’z Creative Juices, we want to ensure you are receiving the highest quality juice we can provide, and we do this using a slow press juicing method. There are many other methods of juicing which will leave your juice slightly depleted of essential nutrients. We use masticating double auger stainless steal juicers and a Norwalk juicer. These juicers slowly pulverize the produce into a pulp while catching all the juices. This method minimizes the amount of friction (heat) and oxygen that get into the juice since these factors can reduce the amount of nutrients in the finished product. By using "slow juicers", we maximize the nutritional quality of your juice, while never sacrificing smooth consistency and taste.

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Q: What are the benefit's of detoxing

A: Detoxify and cleanse, use as a weight loss supplement, improve energy and mental focus, boost immunef unction.

Q: How long will my juices last in the fridge?

A: Unopened, the juice will last up to 5 days in the fridge. Once opened, consume within 24 hours.

Q: I don't like one of the juices, can I trade it for one I prefer?

A: Absolutely, just specify your desires on the order form.

Q: Is anything added to the juice?

A: Nope! Just 100% unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juice.

Q: Can I exercise during my cleanse?

A: Yes, but keep it light as you are not consuming many calories.

Q: Can I bring back the mason jars?

A: We encourage recycling of the jars to be used for future juices!

Enjoy Your Free Consultation!

Participants of Raw Food & Juice Bundles and Juice Packages are entitled to a free consultation provided they complete an application.

Policies: Liz’z Creative Juices upholds a “no refunds” policy once a bundle or package has been purchased. All participants of the above programs must sign a contract prior to purchase acknowledging and agreeing to the purchase terms. A $2 deposit per jar will be applied at the time of your cleanse purchase. You will receive a deposit back upon return of the jars. If jars are not returned in a timely manner, the deposit will be forfeited.